The retail industry is constantly changing and expanding to new and exciting platforms due in large part to technology and the rapid change in consumer demand. We believe that this era of retail is filled with opportunities that retailers should cease on and we’re here to help. We not only have the experience but also the expertise to help our retail partners reach and then exceed their peak performance. This can be achieved by making the retail experience unique and fulfilling for the consumer; and profitable and cost-effective for the retailer. It’s the perfect win-win.

Let’s partner up and change retail: For the better.

*****OUR SERVICES*****

1). Planogram Set & Maintenance: Setting products in their correct location according to the retailer’s planogram (a visual sheet(s) of where items are to be placed) and maintaining updated planograms if necessary. Also, providing category and store resets.

2). Fixture Installations & Maintenance: Installing gondolas, endcaps, temporary displays, etc. in their correct location and also maintain said fixtures if necessary.

3). Store Representatives/Brand Ambassadors: An in-store representative that provides brand awareness, assist with sales and educate potential customers in regards to the client’s product and/or service.

4). Inventory Services: Provide logistics and auditing for the retailer’s inventory.

5). In-Store Events/Demos: Create unique events and demonstrations that provide brand awareness and product knowledge to a large in-store audience simultaneously.

6). Product Pricing: Provide updated pricing to the retailer’s products.

7). Consulting (in partnership with Rosedale Consulting): Provide clients with strategies on how to improve their business.

8). Marketing (in partnership with Robb Creative): Provide clients with a wider platform to market their products and services.

9). Security: Provide retailers with highly alert store security.

10). Product Education: Provide the retailer’s sales associates/employees with in-depth knowledge in regards to the client’s product and/or service.


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